Advanced Social Media Certification

Grow as a social Media specialist by enhancing skills that improve traffic to websites and awareness with secure online reputation. Promote and create brand awareness.

Key features
  • 20+ Hours of quality e-learning.
  • 9 Mini projects.
  • Downloadable e-book.
  • Practice test and assessments.
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date content.
  • Measurement, Storytelling, Social Media Selling and Influencer Marketing are few topics covered in this certification.

Course description

What’s the focus of this course?

4CLearn’s enhanced social Media course that targets educating and training candidates in the accurately increasing field of social Media. Candidates will be trained on the trend and enhanced techniques; they can improve skills to drag traffic to the websites and boosting and securing brand and online reputation. This course is targeted at educating and training candidates on the affect of E-commerce and Social media platform for businesses in the field of marketing and communication.

4CLearn’s enhanced social Media course that display the concept of sales channels and also describe the relation with your existing social media goal and micro-goals.

What are the course objectives?

This course will train participants in:

  • Driving more traffic, creating visibility and awareness for a brand or product.
  • Enhanced social media communication principles and platforms
  • Comprehending the emotions of sharing social exposure effect and reasons behind social media strategies origination from a business goal.
  • Determine potential social media metrics for a publicity by explaining the three elements of business that social media will get effected.
  • Apprehending the simple and complicated details of the social media marketing.
  • Effectively executing social media strategies and techniques and establishing marketing campaigns.
  • Rectifying the four ways to encourage consumers by understanding the three key profits of storytelling when it comes to consumer attraction.
  • Dragging massive audience and interacting with influences
  • Implementing the trend techniques to plan, execute, and assess a efficient and effective social media campaign for corporations, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.
  • Rectifying the four places you need to watch for conversation about your brand and making a list of KPIs for measurement based on your previous Social Media goals.
  • Social Media business Marketing.
Who should take this course?

Social media is a discussion for organization’s marketing efforts. The mentioned professionals are well-fit to be social media specialists:

  • Entrepreneur and business owner
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Public Relations/Brand Manager
  • Blogger/Social Media Copywriter
  • Media Relations Representative
  • Online Community Engagement Manager
  • Social Media Strategist/Specialist
  • Public Affairs Officer

Exam & certification

How can I become an Advanced Social Media Professional?
  • Must finish 85% of the course.
  • Must finish 3 projects and 1 simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.
What are the prerequisites for the certification?

There are no pre-conditions for this certification; seeking to improve their social media skills will profit from the training achieved through this course. Candidates may want to start with our social Media fundamentals course to earn a better apprehending of social Media before achieving this course.


1. What are the main elements of the course?

This course is included with more than 25 hours of e Learning content with high-quality. You are capable to test your progress with our online quiz and get a feel for the real world with our downloadable workbooks and exercises. The practice tests will make you ready to take the exam, so you can take your certification.

2. Is the training up to date and relevant?

4CLearn work to offer the latest, best-quality updated content t with current industry standards. Our trainers are subject matter qualified experts that conduct research on the latest trends and attract them into our training programs. Update occurred in the market is accurately considered and our training content is frequently upgraded and updated to focus current market trends.

3. What are the prerequisites for this course?

Each and every candidates are expected to have a clear apprehending of famous search engines and working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite that includes Word, Excel, and Power-point. Addition for those candidates must contain knowledge. Based on the areas “Introduction to Online Marketing” and “Internet Marketing Fundamentals.” these are suggested to candidate finish those two areas before initiating into the remaining course.