Advanced Web Analytics Certification

Expertise different elements of web data analysis, multi-channel analytics, quantitative and qualitative search, reports and more along with the tools and techniques for web analytics participant desired to become a data wizard.

Key features
  • 15+ Hours of e-learning videos.
  • 20 hours of Instructor led online training.
  • Topics on Google Analytics, Key Performance Indicator’s, Data Analytics, Acquisition and Social Analytics.
  • Experiential practice of google Analytics.
  • 15 mini Projects and end of the course practice project.
  • Case studies and examples and with the help of course downloadable ebook.

Course description

What’s the focus of this course?

Our certification course is the science of analysis that concentrates on Internet data. It contains the analysis, collection, and data informed decisions taking to the optimization a digital ecosystem of an organization and also support business processes. Data from websites, social media, mobile applications, third party and Internet of Things sources are commonly integrated with back-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales systems to inform business decisions.

Web Analytics has become an inherent of core business strategies, workflow optimization and keeping a competitive edge.

This Web Analytics course contains basic concepts of analytics and depth knowledge into web, social analytics, mobile and content analytics regular scenarios and consists the renowned web analytics tools used by marketers around the major industry domains. Our course approaches on enhancing Digital Analytics from a managerial point of view. This will display tips and techniques for the most common google web analytics platform and various other related tools along the way.

What are the course objectives?

Our training provides participants comprehensive knowledge in digital data analytics, that contains:

  • How to grasp data from various sources to conduct quantitative and qualitative research, and deliver actionable, data-informed business insights.
  • Describe digital data analytics demonstrate important views for all customer based elements of around the complete digital world.
  • Make sure to learn about the different analysis capabilities allowed through digital data.
  • How to better inform business decisions with strict analysis techniques.
  • This Analytics training is not only subjected to prepare the students for the preferred after analytics certifications in the market but grasp all the important elements of web data analytics as per the current market trends.
  • Making the participants ready from ground zero to improving knowledge on the analytics domain in the complete digital field.
  • The course is designed to offer a depth knowledge surrounding the domain of web analytics, social analytics and content analytics, providing the participants with all the tools necessary to enhance the Digital Analytics domain.
  • Offer learners with the comprehend end-to-end apprehending Digital and Data Analytics effect the Conversion Funnel, Customer retention & acquisition, CPA, LTV and the customer engagement.
  • Product knowledge of - google analytics platform, Google Digital Studio, Klipfolio and Tableau.
Who should take this course?

Our training is well-fit for professionals who desired to learn and expertise in digital analytics to improve their skills in the digital marketing industry. This course is structured for participants who are:

  • Online Web Analytics Implementers.
  • Online Web Analytics Data Reporters.
  • Digital Analysts.
  • Digital Marketers.
  • Managers.
  • Web Analytics Certification Aspirants.
  • Digital Analytics Certification Aspirants.

Exam & certification

How do I get certified in advanced Web Analytics?
  • Finish 85% of the course or Participant need to appear one complete batch.
  • Finish 7 mini projects and 1 simulation test with at least score of 60%.
What are the prerequisites for the certification?

There are no conditions for the Advanced Web Analytics certification. Our course is beneficial if the participant has a working knowledge of:

  • Business indicators like revenue, margins, and profitability.
  • Business functions like sales, marketing, and customer relationships.
  • How to access websites, how to make online purchases, how to interact with a business online.


1. What are the vital part of the course?

Our course contains high-quality e-learning content for more than 15 hours. Participants will be capable to validate their progress with our online quiz and make feel like a real world with our downloadable workbooks and exercises. The practice tests will help participants to prepare to take the exam, so participants can receive their certification.

2. Is the training up to date and relevant?

4CLearn works hard to make the latest and the best-quality content. Our expertise trainers are subject matter experts and strives for the latest topics and integrate them into our training programs. Every change in the market is immediately updated considered and our training content is frequently upgraded and updated to reflect present market trends.

3. Who are the instructors?

Our famous team of expert instructors have a bright and prolonged history with the industry. They are certified Subject Matter Experts in their own related fields. There are consultants, employees of top organizations, authors, trainers, and speakers at conferences with integrated years of experience.

  • Industry expert helps participants apprehend Search Engine Optimization rankings and traffic.
  • Training with New York Times bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg is a best experience. He directed his participants through conversion optimization, landing page performances, and provided tips to get more traffic to your website.
  • Matt Bailey is the founder and president of SiteLogic, provides participants a clear view of Internet marketing basics.