Apache Cassandra Certification

The ACC course allow the participants to apprehend the fundamental concepts of Cassandra that includes its features like; architecture, data model, and Hadoop Ecosystem products around it. Participants will upskill knowledge to install, set-up, and observe Cassandra. The course is structured not only for big data and software developers, it is also suitable for analytics professionals.

Key features
  • 15 hours of self-paced video
  • Contains 77 quizzes, 3 experiential lab exercises, and 5 demos.
  • This course contains 1 simulation test paper and exam paper
  • Embed topics about the Cassandra advanced architecture

Course description

What is this course about?

Our course is about the Apache CassandraTM, which is an open-source project and also a second-generation distributed NoSQL database. Apache CassandraTM is the preferred choice for its efficiency in higher availability and scalability of the database. Cassandra supports replication around various data centers. Our course allows to processes read and write highly scalable by providing tunable consistency.

4CLearn provides ACC (Apache CassandraTM) course offers an overview of the following:

  • Basics of big data and NoSQL databases
  • Cassandra and its features
  • Architecture and data model of Cassandra
  • Installation, configuration, and monitoring of Cassandra
  • Hadoop ecosystem of products around Cassandra

The Apache CassandraTM course(ACC) provided by 4CLearn contains online and classroom training facilities. The course also contains demo classes for better apprehending of the vital concepts.

Why is this course popular?

Apache CassandraTM course(ACC) has created a wide platform and used in various companies all around the world. Cassandra is in the leading side of the NoSQL origination and offers higher scalability and also allows companies to allocate petabytes of data.

Cassandra is carefully structured to manage massive workloads around different data centers, with not a single point of failure. This feature of Cassandra offers business with effective database availability and performance. Cassandra is an open-source project and that allows participants to utilize the source code and update it based on the organizational requirements.

Based on the latest survey, the job insights of Cassandra is increasing about rate of 300%.

What learning benefits do you get from 4CLearn’s Apache CassandraTM course?

At the end of 4CLearn’s training in Apache CassandraTM, participants are capable of:

  • Demonstrate the requirement of big data and NoSQL
  • illustrate the basic concepts of Cassandra
  • Explain the architecture of Cassandra
  • Describe data model creation in Cassandra
  • Usage of Cassandra database interfaces
  • Explain Cassandra database configuration
What is the value of this course to the professionals?

The Apache CassandraTM professionals will be:

  • Able to demonstrate their expertise in the fast-growing big data industry
  • chosen to benefit from the growing demand in NoSQL databases
  • profitable for the trained professional from the shortage of Cassandra
  • Using Cassandra take their organization towards big data analytics
  • Can process huge amounts of data using experienced in tools
  • In the forefront of the big data technology, which is expected to be in demand for the next ten years
What are the career benefits of this course?

The Apache CassandraTM certification (ACC) helps IT professionals improve the value to their profile. They can earn more than other non-certified peers. The certified professionals are seeking for career paths like; Database Administrators, senior software professional, IT Consultants, and Lead Software Professionals.

The value of Apache CassandraTM has gradually increased in a very short period and this certification is quick for an entry requirement for an IT-based role. Based on the recent survey, the minimum salary of a certified professional starts from $75,000 to $132,000.

Who should do this course?

These mentioned roles are well-fit to imitate the Apache CassandraTM course to develop their skills and improvise:

  • Professionals aspiring for a career in NoSQL databases and Cassandra
  • Analytics professionals
  • Research professional
  • IT developers
  • Testers
  • Project managers

These qualifications can also be considered by other aspirants and students. Desired to get a clear apprehending of Apache CassandraTM.

Exam & certification

What are the prerequisites to become a Certified Apache CassandraTM Professional?

The conditions for the Apache CassandraTM course are:

  • Basic knowledge of any programming language
  • Fundamental apprehending of any database, SQL, and query language for databases
  • Working knowledge of Linux or Unix based systems (not mandatory)


Where and how can I make use of the e-learning content? Are there any limitations?

After paying the course fee participants will get registered with us for a course, participants are allowed to access 24/7 e-learning content on our website. An automated course purchase confirmation mail from our side will guide you through the process.

How can I cancel my enrollment? Will It get a refund?

Ofcourse, participants are allowed to cancel their enrollment. We will provide the participants refund but we charge for the administration fee. Participants can know more through our Refund Policy.