Apache Spark and Scala Certification

The course allows participants to master the important skills in Apache Spark and Scala like; Spark SQL, Real-time processing, Spark streaming, GraphX programming, Machine learning programming, and Shell scripting spark. It consists a real time industry-based project on movie reviews to be implemented in Spark. Our course is well-fit for data scientists, IT developers and analysts.

Key features
  • 32 hours of instructor-led training.
  • 15 hours of self-paced video.
  • Contains topics related to Spark streaming, GraphX programming and Spark ML.
  • 1 industry project for submission and 2 for hands-on practice.
  • Includes downloadable ebooks and 30 demos.

Course description

What is the focus of this course?

With the help of 4CLearn’s Apache Spark and Scala certification training participant will improve their experience in Big Data Hadoop Ecosystem.
With this Apache Spark certification participants will master the essential skills like; Shell Scripting Spark, Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Machine Learning Programming, and GraphX Programming.
A real-time industry project with 30 demos, participants should be prepared to take up Hadoop developer job necessary for Apache Spark experience.
By this Certification in Apache Spark and Scala training, participants are capable of-

  • Get clear apprehending of the limitations of MapReduce and role of Spark in overcoming these limitations.
  • Apprehend basics of Scala Programming Language and it’s specifications.
  • Describe and master the process of installing Spark as a standalone cluster.
  • Experience in implementing RDD for developing applications in Spark.
  • Proficiency in SQL queries through SparkSQL.
  • Gain complete apprehending of Spark Streaming features.
  • Master and explain the features of Spark ML Programming and GraphX Programming.
Who should do this course?
  • Professionals looking for a career in field of real time Big data analytics
  • Analytics professionals
  • Research professionals
  • IT developers and testers
  • Data scientists
  • BI and reporting professionals
  • Students desired to learn complete apprehending of Apache Spark
What projects are included in this course?

US related university has gathered datasets that represent movies reviews from different reviewers being a part of Research Project. Learn depth perceptions from research data gathered. Participants should apply a continue tasks in Spark on the provided data set.

Exam & certification

How to become a Certified Apache Spark and Scala Professional?

To be a Certified Apache Spark and Scala professional, it’s compulsory to satisfy both the following criteria:

  • Finishing project given by 4CLearn. The project is verified by the lead trainer. Participants can deliver their project using LMS. In case of any queries or difficulties for the participants during solving project they will get assistance from experts at 4CLearn blog to resolve such queries and difficulties. For Online Classroom Training, participants with doubts in implementing the project, they can attend any of the present batches of Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training to get help in Project work.
  • Clearing the online examination with a minimum score of 80%. In case, you don’t clear the online exam in the first attempt, you can re-attempt the exam one more time. By the end of the course, participants will get an experience certificate that indicates participants had 3 months of experience in implementing Spark and Scala Project.

Note: It’s compulsory for a participant to satisfy both finishing of any one Project and passing the online exam with at least score of 80%, to be a Certified Spark and Scala Professional.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

The conditions for the Apache Spark and Scala course are:

  • Basic knowledge of any programming language
  • Basic apprehending of any database, SQL, and query language for databases
  • Working experience of Linux- or Unix-based systems

It is suggested to perform a Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification Training as a condition as it offers a standard foundation for Apache Spark & Scala certification.


What are the modes of training offered for this course?

We provide this training in the following sections:
Live Virtual Classroom or Online Classroom: Through instructor led online classroom training, participants have the chance to appear the course from their desktop and laptop through video conference. This process will help participants to overcome productivity challenges and decreases their time spent away from work or home.
Online Self-Learning: Participants will be provided with lecture videos and they can go through the course according to their comfort level.

How will you do the projects and get certified?

Data points and Problem statements are offered in the Learning Management System.
After the course completion, participants have to deliver the project and that will be validated by the trainer. After successful verification of the project and finishing of the online exam, participants will get certified as Spark and Scala Professional.

Who are our Faculties and how are they selected?

Our trainers are industry experts and working professionals contain minimum 10-12 years of related teaching experience.
Every trainer must qualify profile screening, technical evaluation, and training demo barriers to initiate train for us.
We also assure participants that all our trainers are high alumni rated to initiate training process.