Certified iOS App Developer Training Course

This training course will make participants to be a certified iOS mobile app developer through the Swift 3 programming language. This iOS course will teach participants on the complete iOS 10 platform, involves user interfaces, notifications, messaging, input restrictions, and combining with the popular Sirikit. With the help of iOS App development course, participants will also learn experiential proficiency by creating an app portfolio with the skills they learn.

Course description

What are the course objectives?

The iOS App Developer course Certified by 4CLearn will enhance participants with the core skills and make eligible to be an expert in Apple iOS mobile app development. Participants will grasp the core functionalities of iOS 10 and interface with it through the powerful and implusive Swift 3.0 programming language. Participants will gain experiential proficiency in iOS development by creating their own app portfolio through a complete project.
There is a necessity for mobile app developers who can maintain the speed with progressively complicated mobile hardware and software platforms, and app developers create a minimum of 50 percent more than web developers, creating this course a necessity for those who wanted to improve in the mobile app space.

What skills will you learn?

With this iOS course participants will be capable of:

  • Apply iOS 10 features with the Swift 3 programming language.
  • Apprehend and expertise Swift 3 language basics.
  • Lay out UI elements and write interfaces.
  • Get proficiency on working with classes, methods, message integrations, notifications and Sirikit implementation.
  • Develop apps after every lesson making use of a new iOS 10 feature.
Who should take this iOS App Developer course?

This iOS course is suitable for aspirants to gain iOS app development and is seeking forward to a successful career in mobile app development. This iOS App Developer training course displays participants develop an app from scratch through Swift but is well-structured for:

  • Interested developers in increasing their skills in developing iOS app.
  • Mobile developers can improve their portfolio of apps using the Swift programming language.
  • Professionals desired to learn iOS app development.
  • Business owners who are looking to develop a working app sample in iOS and evaluate their ideas.
What project will you be working on?

We provide four projects in the course. Every module contain a project that outlines what participants have gained to implement, providing them beneficial experiential proficiency.

What are the pre-requisites for this iOS App Developer course?

There are no pre-requisites for this course as participants will learn iOS app development from scratch. Computer fundamental skills are necessary.

What is the free course “iOS and Swift Basics”?

This iOS training course will provide participants the fundamentals of iOS 9 app development through the Swift 2 programming language. Participants will work on the following apps as they progress in the course:

App 1: What If?
App 2: Core Data Pic Lister
App 3: Flappy Dragon Game
App 4: Rx Reminder
App 5: Memory Calculator
App 6: Tip Calculator
App 7: Mood Tracker

Exam & certification

Is there any certification exam for iOS app development?

Participants publish apps on the Apple AppStore will showcase their skills in iOS app development to employers and colleagues. There won’t be any certificate for this course.

How do I get iOS App Developer certification?

To be a Certified iOS App Developer, it is necessary to finish 85% of the course. We provide course accomplishment certificate after they successfully finish the Certified iOS App Developer training program.

How can I unlock my certificate?

For online self-learning, participants should finish 85% of the course.


What is Swift?

Swift programming language created for development platforms like; iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS and Swift is based on popular features of C and Objective-C. Swift acquire safe programming patterns with recent features to make programming adoptable and open-ended.

Who provides the certification?

4CLearn offers the course accomplishment certificate once participants successfully finish the Certified iOS App Developer training program.

What is Global Teaching Assistance?

We have a dedicated teaching team and they are certified subject matter experts. They help participants to clear the certification exam in their first attempt. Our trainers will connect with participants actively to assure the course path is being followed and help participants improve their learning proficiency, from class on-boarding to project and job assistance. Teaching Assistance is available for the participants only during business hours.