Certified SAS Base Programmer Certification

The course helps participants to gain deep understanding of SAS programming language and the SAS tool. Our course helps participants to enhance in different techniques in SAS to allow and manage data, build data structures, generate reports, and manage errors. This course consist a real time industry project, to develop reports from sales data. Our course is well-fit for software programmers, data scientists and business analysts.

Key features
  • 10 hours of self-paced video
  • Involves 1 sales domain based industry project
  • Experiential experience with Research Lab
  • Consists 16 demos, 3 simulation tests, and 5 assignments

Course description

What is the course all about?

Our SAS Base Programmer course is a learner level course for a SAS professional. Our training has been structured to allow participants to initiate their analytics career with SAS and make them prepare for the certification exam.

This SAS course search for the SAS tool and various techniques to help participants to access and manage data, produce reports, create data structures and handle errors. These techniques are must for professionals to work on the next SAS assignment and make a strong base for improved techniques and certifications.

Our SAS Base Programmer course presents these concepts in an apprehend manner, by using fundamental coding examples and demos to simplify the concepts and present the actual method of implementation.

What learning outcomes can be expected?

After accomplishing this course, participants are capable of:

  • Form the steps to download and install the SAS Base Programmer tool.
  • Describe the methods to read, combine, process and access datasets or raw data files.
  • Build SAS datasets, export data to create, manipulate data values, comma-delimited raw data files, and control which values in dataset are processed and presented as an output
  • Manage and handle datasets by exploring SAS data libraries; classifying observations; with the help of conditional logic; allocating, changing and aggregating variable values; through DO loops and SAS arrays; and validating and cleaning data.
  • Produce list and summary reports through different procedures, and improve reports.
  • Identify and resolve programming logic, syntax, and data errors.
Who should do this course?
  • Analytics professionals desired to work with SAS.
  • Software professionals seeking for tuning career in the analytics field.
  • Graduates seeking to build a career in Analytics and Data Science.
  • Professionals who wish to learn SAS programming.
  • Professionals who want to prepare for the SAS Base certification.

Prerequisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course. This course is beginner level and knowledge of SQL will be helpful.

What projects are included in this course?

Successful verification of project is a part of eligibility criteria in the certification process for the 4CLearn SAS Base Programmer certification.

Generate Descriptive Analytics Report
Sales: This project consist, we request to participant to import and solidify the provided sales datasets into a single dataset. Participants are suggested to use various analytical SAS tools to handle and analyze the data, and produce expected reports.

Exam & certification

What can I unlock my 4CLearn certificate?

Online Self learning:

  1. Finish 85% of the course.
  2. Finish 1 simulation test with at least score of 60%.


What is Global Teaching Assistance?
Our teaching assistants are here to help you get certified in your first attempt.
We have a dedicated team with subject matter experts and help participants at every step and improve their learning proficiency from class imminent to project mentoring and job assistance.
They communicate with the students actively to make sure the course path is followed.
Teaching Assistance is available during business hours.
Who are our Faculties and how are they selected?
Our trainers are industry experts and working professionals with minimum 10-12 years of related teaching proficiency.
Every trainers should cross the profile screening, technical evaluation and a demo class barriers before they start train us.
We make sure our trainers are high alumni rated and will continue to work for us.

Certification Process

4CLearn has a well-defined certification process that helps participants face the challenges in the IT world. Participants should satisfy the following conditions to unlock the certificate:

  • Participants should finish minimum 85% of the course or appear one complete batch
  • If participant has simulation exams, then they need to finish it with the minimum passing score.
  • Participants should submit a project and make it approved from our panel of Subject Matter Experts.
  • In case participant project has rejected, our subject matter experts will provide all required help to pass the project in their next attempt.