COBIT 5 Certification

The COBIT® 5 Foundation course will offer you in-depth apprehending of the COBIT 5 framework for maintaining and supervising Enterprise IT platforms. COBIT 5 gives end-to-end business conceptions for IT governance and create impact on the role of IT in establishing value for enterprises. You can become a master in COBIT 5 principles, enablers, implementation phases and process capability. Addition for these assessment models will increase your chances of building a great career in a sector expected to enhance 207% yearly by 2020.

Key features
  • COBIT 5 Foundation exam fee included.
  • COBIT 5 e-books included.
  • 10 hours e-learning content using high quality.
  • 10+ real life examples.
  • 200 questions containing question bank with 4 sets of 50 questions each.
  • 48 chapter-end quizzes.

Course description

What are the course objectives?

Our COBIT 5 Foundation is structured and designed for the IT professionals desired to gain a depth knowledge and right apprehending of the maintenance and management of IT enterprise. COBIT 5 is the alone business framework used for the governance and management of IT enterprise from ISACA®, the creators of the COBIT 5 framework. The framework incorporates under the leadership and guidance from business, IT, and governance experts across the world.

The 4CLearn COBIT 5 course contains six lessons with five principles and seven enablers that form fundamentals of the COBIT 5 business framework. Real-life situations and quizzes complement the COBIT training.

On completing the COBIT 5 Foundation course, you will be able to:

  • clear the COBIT 5 Foundation examination and gain a COBIT 5 certification
  • Apprehend the IT management issues in your organization. Execute COBIT to resolve to those challenges
  • Turn your knowledge into execution that you have earned from the COBIT 5 framework and suggested applications of COBIT for enterprise-wide projects
  • Attend enhanced COBIT 5 courses and their relevant exams such as:
  • COBIT 5 execution make you expertise in governance of IT enterprise that is based on a continual enhancement lifecycle
  • COBIT 5 Assessment, you can be able to implement regular process ability assessments.
What skills will you learn?

When the time of finishing stage of 4CLearn’s COBIT 5 Foundation course, participants are capable of:

  • Identify the requirements for a great framework to govern and manage IT enterprise and also understand to create value for enterprises.
  • Compare the COBIT framework concepts and understand its use with other standards and best practices.
  • Apprehend the rules need to govern and manage like; five principles and seven enablers along with the importance of good practices.
  • Apprehend the IT management problems that are affecting organizations that contain pain points and trigger events which organizations have experienced.
  • Up skill the knowledge of using functions and the benefits that COBIT provided that will help you understand different governance and management processes and the process reference model.
  • Execute COBIT® in practical scenarios for problems that generally rise in enterprises.
  • Apprehend the concepts of process capability assessments and how different processes are improved using the Seven-stage Lifecycle approach.
What career benefits are in store for you?

The COBIT® 5 Foundation course is a professional stage to develop with the IT knowledge and performing execution and assessments of IT frameworks. This COBIT Certification course will provide you a structure to your career by illustrating your IT expertise and increase value to process enhancements in your IT organization. After finishing the COBIT training course you are structured to become an IT auditor, IT quality professional, and any other IT roles.

COBIT Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been identified COBIT in India. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and has taken by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). Among the leading private banks, HDFC also has applied COBIT, and a case study is also initiated on its execution is present in the official COBIT 5 website.

Many Asian countries like, the Philippines and the UAE have applied and approved COBIT for their audit institutions or finance audit departments in government agencies and organizations.

COBIT is widely adopted by North America, South America, Australia and Europe. Many other multinational companies also adopted COBIT. Government departments and other financial institutions for examination and assessments. A complete list is present on the COBIT 5 website.

Professionals certified in COBIT 5 contain an average monthly income that starts from $112,000 and end-up with $122,000.

Who should take this course?

If you are facing issues in audit and insurance, risk management, information security, regulatory and compliance, or governance in IT enterprise. COBIT is the best solution to overcome in information technology. IT professionals such as auditors, IT managers, quality professionals, developers, process practitioners, and managers in IT service-providing companies will identify.This COBIT 5 course most useful in enhancing their career.

Exam & certification

How can we become a certified COBIT 5 professional?
  • To clear the COBIT 5 Foundation exam, the candidate required complete idea of the five COBIT 5 principles with the seven COBIT 5 enablers. The seven-phase execution lifecycle and the process ability assessment.
  • One must contain experience in giving IT service and should have played different roles in Enterprise IT that will make you to understand and sink with the concepts completed in the COBIT course. There are no other conditions for this course.
  • The online or paper-based examination contains 50 multiple-choice questions and should meet a score of 50% or more to clear, that means minimum of 25 questions have to be answered correctly.
  • If the online exam is completed, a result will be “Pass” or “Fail”. For the paper-based examination, contact 4CLearn coordinator to know about the result.
What are the prerequisites for a COBIT 5 certification?

No qualification criteria are mentioned to appear this COBIT course or complete the exam. The experience and knowledge of IT service-providing firms or IT service-providing departments of any company is required.

How frequently does exam fee change?

Exam fee are fixed and supervised by the certification body. Regular fee changes are announced by the end of the calendar year. You will be sure to pay the balance amount to 4CLearn if you failed to book the exam and the exam fee will be increased in the meantime.

What is the validity of my exam voucher?

Exam vouchers are acceptable for 6 months after they have issued; however, it can be recollected the certification body. If you failed to book the exam before six months. You have to buy the voucher again based on the actual price.


How many questions are given in COBIT 5 Foundation examinations?

The COBIT® 5 Foundation exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions and they need to be completed in 40 minutes. A total of 50% (25/50) is required to clear and it is a closed book exam. You also have paper-based testing but, computer-based testing is an effective method for COBIT 5 exams.

What happens after passing the exam?

After clearance of the exam, the names of successful candidates will be displayed Register (if candidates have opted to register). The certificate will be sent directly to the candidate’s respective addresses.

Do I need to renew my COBIT certification?

The COBIT 5 qualification is valid for life long period and won’t expire. It is not necessary to renew the certificate once you clear the exam.