Data Science with SAS Certification

Our SAS Certification Training will make you an expert in analytics techniques with the help of SAS data science tool. You can upskill the knowledge on applying data manipulation and optimization techniques. you can also learn advanced statistical aspects like clustering, linear regression and decision trees. The data analysis methods are used to answer real world business problems and predictive modeling techniques. This SAS Certification course provide you practical knowledge. You can apply on your next data analysis job.

Key features
  • 32 hours of instructor-led training
  • 24 hours of self-paced video
  • 4 real-life industry projects
  • 3 sets of assessment papers
  • Details of SAS Macros and PROC SQL
  • Includes a free SAS Base Programmer course

Course description

What skills will you learn?

This course will enable you to:

  • Apprehend the work of data scientists in different analytics techniques, and widely used tools
  • Upskill the knowledge of SAS, the role of GUI, library statements, provoking and revoking of data and variable attributes
  • Learn a expertize knowledge of statistics and hypothesis testing. You can also learn advanced statistics techniques like clustering, decision trees, linear regression, and logistic regression.
  • Upskill the knowledge in various techniques for integrating and redefining datasets like concatenation, interleaving, one-to-one merging and reading. You can also learn the various SAS functions and procedure for data manipulation
  • You can improve the knowledge on PROC SQL. You can also upskill the knowledge on PROC SQL syntax and become master in the different PROC statements and subsequent statistical techniques used in analytics that include PROC UNIVARIATE, PROC MEANS, PROC FREQ, PROC CORP, and more.
  • Comprehend the efficiency of SAS Macros and learn their use for accurate data manipulation and for decrease the amount of usual SAS code necessary for analytics
  • learn depth apprehending of the different types of Macro variables, Macro function SYMBOLGEN System options, SQL clauses, and the %Macro statement
  • Upskill the knowledge and implement data exploration techniques using SAS
  • Comprehend different time series models and initiate work on those models using SAS.
  • Model, plan, and decode data optimization by using SAS and OPTMODEL procedure
Who should take this course?

There immense demand for qualified data scientists from all industries that makes this course fit for participants at all levels of experience. We suggest this data science training specially for the qualified professionals:

  • Analytics professionals desired to work with SAS
  • IT professionals seeking for a career transform in the analytics fields
  • Software developers interested in setting a career in analytics
  • Graduates looking to establish a career in analytics and data science
  • Experienced professionals desired to tackle data science in their fields
  • Pre-conditions: There are conditions for this course. The demo SAS Base Programmer training course offers add-ons for coding guidance.
What projects are included in this course?

Data science and SAS Certification have four real-life and industry-based projects. Successful accomplishment of these projects is mandatory mentioned in the certification eligibility criteria.

Project 1: Attrition Analysis

Telecommunication: Analyze the employee attrition rate of a leading BPO company. The dataset is managed for the attrition analysis, and it has storage of Employee_id, retain_indicator, sex_indicator, relocation_indicator, and marital_status.

Project 2: Retail Analysis

E-commerce: Forecast sales based on the independent variables such as profit, quantity, marketing cost, and expenses using the regression model.
Two additional projects have been provided for practice:

Project 3: Data-driven Macro Calls

Sales: release a list of all data sets in SAS which contain sales relevant information and send it on as the macro variable.

Project 4: Customer Segmentation

Internet: execute customer segmentation process with RFM methodology on any e-commerce website’s customer data set. Segment customers are based on frequency, recency, and monetary value.

Why learn Data Science with SAS?
  • SAS is a leader in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platform
  • The average salary for a Business Intelligence Developer skilled in SAS is $104k (Source - Paysa)

Exam & certification

How do I get certified?

To grow into a Certified Data Scientist with SAS, you need to complete the following requirements:

  • finish at least one project from provided two in the course. Deliver the outputs in the LMS to be verified by our lead trainer
  • Score at least of 60% in one of the three simulation tests

Please Note:

  • When you have accomplished the course, you will be provided with a three-month experience certificate for executing the projects using SAS
  • It is compulsory that you complete both the requirements: accomplishment of any one project and clearing the online exam at least with score of 60% to grow as a certified data scientist
How can I release my 4CLearn certificate?

Online Classroom:

  • Appear one complete batch.
  • Finish at least one project and one simulation test with at least score of 60%.

Online Self-Learning:

  • Finish 85% of the course.
  • Accomplish one project and one simulation test with the least score of 60%.


1. Who provides the certification?

At the end of the SAS training, after satisfactory evaluation of the project and after passing the online exam (minimum 75%), you will receive a certificate from 4CLearn stating that you are a Certified Data Scientist with SAS.

2. How are Faculties are selected and who are they?

Our trainers are well experienced in the industry from 10-12 years of relevant teaching experience. Before recruiting Each and individual has went with a strict selection process. Profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo session are conducted before they initiate their training process. We select high alumni rated trainers for an effective training.

3. Do you provide any group discounts for training program?

We provide group discount on our training programs. Contact us section is present on 4CLearn website. You can also select the Live Chat link. Our customer service executives will provide you more details.