Deep Learning course

4CLearn Deep Learning Course with TensorFlow will let you build, teach and implement Artificial Neural Networks using Deep Learning techniques. As part of the Deep Learning Tensorflow training, you will master the concepts of Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Neural Networks, Convolution Neural Networks, and Recurrent Neural Networks to prepare you for the role of Deep Learning Scientist.

Key features
  • Understand major technology trends driving Deep Learning
  • Build fully connected deep neural networks
  • Get proficient in Convolution Neural Networks and its applications
  • Become adept in imposing Recurrent Neural Networks Model
  • Implement Neural Networks in TensorFlow
  • 40 hours of instructor-led training

Course description

Why Deep Learning Course with TensorFlow?
  • Deep Learning is one of the most exciting and promising frontier technologies and the advancements happening in this field are seeping into your smart phone, creating efficiencies in the power grid, making improvements in health-care, enhancing agricultural yields, and helping us identify solutions to climate change.
  • TensorFlow is developed by Google and it is an open source software library for the purposes of implementing machine learning and deep neural networks research. It is the well-known software used for deep learning models and contains all the tools right from building to deployment.
  • According to, the median salary of an Engineer with Deep Learning Skills is a whopping $ 120, 000!
What are the objectives of this Deep Learning course?

Till the end of this Deep Learning Course with TensorFlow. Participants are capable to achieve the following:

  • Master TensorFlow by understanding the concepts of TensorFlow, main functions, operations and the execution pipeline.
  • Execute Deep Learning algorithms, apprehend neural networks and cover the layers of data abstraction that will strengthen participant to apprehend data like never before.
  • Improved knowledge like convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, training deep networks, high-level interfaces and understand these enhanced topics.
What skills will you learn in this Deep Learning online course?
  • You will grasp the concepts of deep learning clearly and implement algorithms.
  • Build Deep Learning models in TensorFlow and interpret the results of Deep Learning models
  • Understand the language and fundamentals of artificial neural networks
  • Troubleshoot and improve Deep Learning models
  • Build your own Deep Learning project
  • You will be able to differentiate between machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence
Who should take this Deep Learning with TensorFlow course?

There is higher demand for skilled Deep Learning Engineers all around the industries. Our Deep Learning Course with TensorFlow training course is designed for participants of intermediate to advanced level of experience. Our training is particularly suggest this Deep learning online course for the following professionals:

  • Software engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Analysts
  • Statisticians with an interest in Deep Learning

Exam & certification

What should I do to unlock my 4CLearn certificate?

To obtain the Deep Learning with TensorFlow certification for Online Classroom:

  • You need to attend one complete class
  • Successful completion and evaluation of any one of the given projects


What is Global Teaching Assistance?

We have dedicated teaching assistants of subject matter experts. Always there to help participants get certified in first attempt. They engage participants pro actively to ensure the course path is being followed and helps enrich learning experience, from class on-boarding to project mentoring and job assistance.

Who are the trainers?

The Deep Learning training course sessions are delivered by highly qualified and certified instructors with relevant industry experience.

Can I cancel my enrollment? Do I get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the course price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, you can view our Refund Policy.