Digital & Social Selling Certified Associate

Digital and social selling is turning the game of sales and marketing teams everywhere. According to proven methods, digital selling course is structured to help, sales and marketing professionals to enhance their digital and social selling skills and learn a competitive edge in the marketplace. Participants will get experiential knowledge on modern CRM and sales intelligence tools. They can also learn the enhancement of social media engagement and generate better quality prospects to drive faster conversions and raise more revenue.

Key features
  • High-quality dynamic video learning content for more than 5 hours.
  • More than 10 hours of trainer-led virtual classrooms.
  • Fundamentals of tools for social marketing and analytics, online engagement, Sales, CRM.
  • Quizzes, case studies, projects and more

Course description

What are the course objectives?

The Digital and Social Selling training course provides the participant to blend digital techniques with their sales process and build their sales performance. We make an introduction to the participant about digital and social selling tools and techniques. It would help the participant to engage better prospects and accomplish accurate conversion rates. A different case studies and industry-specific projects will provide the participant experiential, real-world experience with digital and social selling.

What skills will you learn?

After participant finish the digital and social selling training program, they are capable to:

  • Enhanced digital tools and methods in the sales cycle and obtain more relevant leads.
  • Apprehend the prominence of personalized and quality content.
  • Build a fully combined selling strategy.
  • Improve participant social presence to influence buyer decisions.
  • Make use social selling tools to improve online sales conversions.
  • Establish stronger customer engagement and keep a short the sales cycle.
  • Use CRM and sales intelligence tools to jolt customer satisfaction and growth.
Who should take this course?

This digital and social selling program is well-fit for professionals desired to enhance their career with complete knowledge on digital and social sales methodologies and techniques, including:

  • Sales and sales team leads
  • Account and relationship management
  • Consulting
  • Business development
  • Marketing and digital marketing

Exam & certification

How can I be a Digital & Social Selling Certified Professional?

Participants can get Digital and Social Selling Professional Certified, they must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Finish-off 85 percent of the course.
  • Accomplish one project and one simulation test.
  • Accomplish assessment with at least score of 60 percent.


digital selling is different from social selling?

Social selling is a part of digital selling with its own specifications. If a participant is thinking that social media considered as a play here, then they are right. There is much more about social selling than just connecting with customers using Twitter and Facebook.

Social selling is a vital element of digital selling that won’t exhaust all participants energies at the exclusion of other methods. Social selling is a slice of the cake, but it’s by no means the whole cake. There is existence of display advertising, content creation, email marketing and different other digital techniques and mediums, all of which is essential to play as part of complete digital sales strategy.

Are these live training, or I watch pre-recorded videos?

All our classes are conducted through online streaming. We also offer interactive sessions that allow participants to raise questions and merge in discussions at the class time. We also provide recordings of each session that a participant had appeared for their future reference. Classes are appeared by a world wide audience to improve their learning experience.

How are instructors selected and who are they?

Our trainers are well-qualified and experts contains 10-12 years of related teaching experience in the industry. Every trainers will be selected only after the go through the strict selection process. Our selection process contains profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo will be conducted before they are certified to train for us. All our trainers are high alumni rated and they are only selected as our faculty.