Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program will change participants into a comprehensive digital marketer with proficiency in the leading eight digital marketing domains. SEO, PPC, conversion optimization, social media, digital analytics, mobile, email and content marketing. Improve participants career in digital marketing through real-time training, that can implement on the job.

About the program What are the course objectives?

The 4CLearn Digital Marketing Masters Program provide participants a depth apprehending and enhanced knowledge of the eight most essential digital marketing domains and also contains practical projects and effective simulations for obtaining domain proficiency. Participants will be focused on more than 40 digital marketing tools extensive project experience and Mimic Pro simulations to prepare participants job ready.

After participants have accomplish this program, they will get a Masters certificate from 4CLearn indicates that participant have obtained the skill set required for a Digital Marketing Specialist, evaluating their capability to lead digital marketing efforts in their organization.

What skills will you learn?

Digital marketing consist a various regulations, and there is a huge necessity for digital marketers with the appropriate skills. The program offered with more than 35 live instructor-led online classes organized by expert trainers. Participants also have access to best quality e-learning content, simulation exams, a community inspected by experts. Monthly mentoring sessions are conducted by the experts and many other resources to offer participants expertise the comprehensive digital marketing skills. This course will make participants capable of:

  • Build a depth apprehending of first preferred digital marketing functions like; inbound, paid, social media marketing and web analytics.
  • Become capable in planning, managing, and implementing multi-channel integrated campaigns.
  • Guide digital marketing teams and enterprises for their organization.
  • Apprehend integrated work of digital marketing disciplines and optimize their use of each one.
Who should take this Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program?

Interested participants who are seeking to further their career in digital marketing suggested to take this course, particularly for the aspirants seeking for lead positions. The following roles are profitable for the Digital Marketing Specialist training:

  • Marketing Managers.
  • Marketing or Sales Professionals.
  • Digital Marketing Specialists.
  • Entrepreneurs or Business Owners.
  • Engineering, Management, Business, or Communication Graduates.
  • Marketing Consultant.

The below mentioned are few facts and figures that describe the necessity for digital marketers across the world:

  • The annual minimum salary of a ‘Digital Marketing Head’ is $102,358 on
  • There are more than 58,944 jobs in the USA, and there are more than 18,335 jobs in the UK, which are based on Digital Marketing according to
  • There are more than 16,508 jobs for Digital Marketers on
  • The minimum annual salary in the US is $111K - $153K.
What does a Digital Marketing Specialist do?

A digital marketing specialist should have comprehensive knowledge. A digital marketer with a great working experience on all digital marketing domains. The main objectives of a digital marketing specialist is to improve brand awareness, creating product publicity, improve traffic on the branded website, attain new customers, produce product interest among prospects and build high product visibility among distinct audiences.

A digital marketing specialist works for effective online marketing campaigns, validate the requirements of the consumer market, and understand how and where to obtain knowledge about consumer needs and necessities. They should develop new strategies to market a company's product online by integrating different promotions to get the company's message out to prospects.

What is the workplace of a Digital Marketing Specialist will like?

A digital marketing specialist should create strategies and implement different online marketing promotions and campaigns. These are implemented through following digital marketing domains Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, social media, email and content. A digital marketing specialist is a marketer who showcase a comprehensive understanding of all domains so that they can take the right decisions to success of the campaigns.

The digital marketing functionalities involves analyzing data and activities of ongoing campaigns, comparing the every month’s ROI on campaigns, plan and execute modifications, which are necessary to be apply, and find the sequential steps for enhancing campaign worth. A specialist must be highly expertise in analyzing data for effective knowledge on the market and customer landscape. The most essential elements of a specialist job is to develop campaigns based on their execution in organic and in-organic, and maintaining budget allocation. The digital marketing specialist is also liable for searching fresh areas and geographies for obtaining new leads, clicks and customers.

What is the Mimic Pro Simulation included in the program?

The Mimic Pro simulations involves in our course offer participants with the chance to enter into the digital marketing manager of an e-commerce company. The simulations, sponsored by real-world Google data, will make participants to execute digital marketing experiments, develop virtual search engine marketing campaigns, effective landing pages and email campaigns, and implement a different types of other marketing tasks through virtual money.

How do I earn the Masters Program certificate?

When participants have finished the following course necessities, they will be allowed to receive the Masters Certificate, which will be provided considering skills as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Course Course Accomplishment Certificate Simulation Test Project Certificate
DMCA Required Score > 75% Not required
Advanced Web Analytics Required Score > 75% Not required
Advanced SEO Required Score > 75% Not required
Advanced PPC Required Score > 75% Not required
Advanced Social Media Required Score > 75% Not required
Learning path
Digital Marketing Certified Associate

This Certified Associate course is structured to help participants expertise in the important disciplines in digital marketing, that involves SEO, social media, PPC, conversion optimization, web analytics, content, email and mobile marketing. Digital marketing is growing accurately in the world and this certification will improve their value in the marketplace and make participants ready for a career in digital marketing.

Advanced Web Analytics

In this certification training, participants will expertise the essential elements of web, social, mobile and content analytics to optimize their organization’s capability to create highly informed business decisions. Participants will be a proficient at gathering and working with multi-channel data sources, implement quantitative and qualitative searches, and lot more with this course. Register now to be a data expert and provide their company a competitive edge.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Program

The Advanced SEO course is structured to change participants ready according to the industry. Participants expertise in the various faces of SEO, involving the organic process of obtaining traffic to their websites through on-page and off-page optimization, keyword management and research, link and URL building, SEO analytics. Participants will obtain project experience to use them in managing inbound marketing initiatives.

Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Program

The Advanced PPC Course is structured to change participants ready for the industry paid marketing professional. Go through our transparent and designed learning path suggested by industry experts and accurate their career. Participants will master the shades of pay per click, conversion optimization, display advertising, and web analytics, and they will obtain expandable project experience and make them prepared for managing paid marketing initiatives.

Advanced Social Media Certification Program

This Course will make participants ready for industry-based social media marketer. It integrates the disciplines of advanced social media and content marketing and advanced web analytics course to make participants improve their brand and run compelling social campaigns. Accurate their marketing career with this comprehensive and designed advanced social media course.


What are the benefits of taking the digital marketing specialist course?
  • Digital marketing is the most essential skills for any marketing professional and offers high salaries and create impactful role and also works effectively on budget contribution
  • Entrepreneurs identify digital marketing the preferred sources to reach customers and prospects.
  • Career prospects and job security are the vital drivers for students. Digital marketing provides high salaries and job satisfaction, and also associate skills to help students productive start their career.
  • Digital marketing courses help professionals to extend their skills and expertise digital marketing to handle complicated digital marketing issues.
What is the duration of 4CLearn's digital marketing specialist program?

4CLearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Program valid for 1 year, where beginners can work at their own speed using high-quality e-learning video modules. Beginners can also register for 75+ instructor-led online training classes for the year.

What can I expect from the Masters Program?
  • Allowed to e-Learning content for all of the courses mentioned in the learning path
  • Allowed for more than 35 live instructor led online classes in the vital course
  • Allowed to exclusive forums supervised by faculty and industry experts
  • Monthly mentoring sessions by faculty and industry experts
  • The Specialist experts certificate will be achieved after accomplishing the program satisfaction of the learning path