ITIL Intermediate ST

ITIL Intermediate Service Transition (ST) Certification is basic for ITIL Service Lifecycle course training and it help participants to structure their course as an experienced IT professionals. This certificate describe participant knowledge of practice components, process elements and management techniques to create, test and apply products and services. Participant will gain knowledge about service transition implementation in different stages of the service lifecycle. It is effective on decisions at the service strategy and service operations.

Key features
  • 9.5 hours of self-paced learning
  • 10 end of chapter quizzes
  • 2 sample test papers
  • Exam fee included
  • 15 PDUs offered

Course description

What are the course objectives?

The Service Transition module is the vital qualifications in the ITIL Service Lifecycle category of the ITIL Intermediate level. This module concerned on the effective practices necessary for applying changes decided at the Service Strategy and Service Design stages of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. The certification describe participant knowledge of management techniques, practice components and process elements to create, test and apply products and services.

4CLearn's training program for the ITIL Intermediate ST Module contains both online and classroom training. The courseware has been approved by APMG and CSME and contains quizzes and sample test papers. The ITIL Intermediate ST module requires 3 credits from the 17 credits to qualify for the Manage in the Lifecycle module.

Why is the certification in demand?

ITIL is the widely used in IT service management framework and is relied on world best practices in IT service management.

ITIL qualifications are touchpoint of quality for IT professionals worldwide. ITIL training support participants to grow with new ideas and approaches to enhance customer satisfaction. Participant will improve effective contribution to service delivery in their organization. The ITIL services have incremented rapidly in modern years and an ITIL certification is becoming an entry requirement for many of IT-based roles.

The necessity for certified professionals in this module is incrementing with a accuracy and there are already more than 10,000 certified professionals around the world.

What skills will you learn?

At the end of this training, participant will be capable of:

  • Demonstrate the purpose, processes and principles in service transition.
  • Determine best personnel management using service transitions.
  • Identify challenges, critical success factors and risks.
  • Apprehend planning and managing the transitions through new or revised resources.
  • Apprehend and manage modifications to IT services in line with business strategy and customer expectations.
  • Determine the role of service transition in flexible change management and enhancement of service delivery.
What are the career benefits of this course?

An ITIL certification improves value for an IT professional’s profile. Certified professionals typically gain more than 40% compared with non-certified professionals. Based on the recent surveys by, the annual average salary of a certified professional starts from $72,000 to $150,000.

Who should take this course?

The training course is well-fit for professionals in areas like; configuration management and change management. This qualification is often sought by:

  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
  • Service Designers
  • IT Architects
  • IT Planners
  • IT Consultants
  • IT Audit Managers
  • IT Security Managers

It can also be taken by:

  • ITSM trainers, IT-professionals associated with ST environment, ITIL Foundation certified individuals who wants to enhance to levels in ITIL and individuals who need in-depth knowledge of ITIL ST phase as part of the ITIL Service Lifecycle.
  • The Service Transition module is one of the condition for the ITIL Expert and Master Levels in IT Service Management.

Exam & certification

How do I become ITIL® Intermediate ST certified?

The Service Transition qualification should be considered as a part of an recognized training course. To become an eligible for the ITIL

Intermediate Module Service Transition qualification, the following requirements have to be met:

  • At least 21 hours of instruction with an recognized training organization or a recognized e-learning solution.
  • ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.
  • Two years of experience in IT field is highly desirable.

Participants should spend time reviewing the syllabus and the ITIL Service Transition publication to prepare for the exam.

How frequently does exam fee change?

Exam prices are not consistent and supervised by the certification body. Regular price changes will be announced at the end of the calendar year. Participants should be responsible to pay the difference amount to 4CLearn if they failed to book the exam and the exam price is hiked in the between.


How can I learn more about this training program. Whom should I contact?

Contact us form is provided on the 4CLearn website and participants can prefer the Live Chat link. Our customer service will provide more information about training course.

What certification will I receive after completing this training course?

After accomplishment of the training, participant will be awarded with the course completion certificate and they can claim 15 PDU's. Once a participant has successfully cleared the exam, they will receive the ITIL Foundation Certification from the exam body.

I am not able to access the online course. Whom should I contact for a solution?

Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the 4CLearn website, select the Live Chat link or contact Help & Support.