MongoDB Developer and Administrator

To be an expert MongoDB developer and administrator through getting depth knowledge of NoSQL and mastering skills of data modeling, data replication, ingestion, Sharding and query. This training course includes industry-based projects in e-learning and telecom domains. This course is well fit for system administrators, database administrators, analytics professionals and software developers.

Key features
  • 32 hours of instructor-led training.
  • 17 hours of self-paced video.
  • 3 industry projects in e-learning and telecom domains.
  • Involves 6 experiential lab exercises to be executed in VM.
  • Get experience certificate as MongoDB Developer and Administrator.
  • Includes 60 demos explaining key concepts.

Course description

What is the focus of this course?

MongoDB Developer and Administrator certification from 4CLearn will provide participants to master the skills to become MongoDB professionals.

With this MongoDB training participants will be ready for job by gaining proficiency in data modeling, query, ingestion and Sharding, Data Replication with MongoDB involves installing, updating and maintaining MongoDB environment.

What learning outcomes can be expected?

By the end of 4CLearn’s training in MongoDB developer and administrator, participants are capable of:

  • Build an experience in writing Node JS and Java applications with the help of MongoDB.
  • Master the skills of Replication and Sharding of data in MongoDB to optimize read or write performance.
  • Implement installation, configuration and maintenance of MongoDB environment.
  • Expertise in creating and managing various types of indexes in MongoDB for query execution.
  • Establish skillsets in processing immense amounts of data through MongoDB tools.
  • Proficiency in storing unstructured data in MongoDB.
  • Improve proficiency in backup methods, MongoDB set up and monitoring, operational strategies.
  • Obtain depth apprehending of managing DB Notes, replica set and Master-Slave concepts
Who should do this course?

The MongoDB Certification course is suitable for professionals seeking for a career in NoSQL databases and MongoDB. This course is well-fit for:

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Database Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • IT developers, Testers
  • Analytics professionals
  • Research professionals
  • System Administrators

Exam & certification

How to become a Certified MongoDB Professional?

To become a Certified MongoDB Professional, it is compulsory for the participants to satisfy both the following criteria:

  • Finishing project given by 4CLearn. The project is validated by the lead trainer. Necessary screenshots of the
  • project output should be submitted through LMS before 3 months of the completion of training. In case, participants
  • have queries or difficulties during solving project, they can get assistance from our experts at 4CLearn blog
  • to clear such queries and difficulties. For Online classroom training participants, if they have doubts in implementing
  • the project, they can attend any of current going batches of MongoDB Developer and Administrator Certification
  • Training to get help in Project work.
  • Qualifying the online examination with at least score of 80%. In case, participants failed to clear the online exam in the first attempt, they can re-attempt the exam one more time.

At the end of the course, participants will be awarded with an experience certificate that participants have 3 months experience in implementing MongoDB Developer and Administrator project.
Note: It’s compulsory for the participants to satisfy both the criteria i.e. finishing of any one Project and qualifying the online exam with at least 80%, to be a Certified MongoDB Professional.

What are the prerequisites for the course?
The conditions for the MongoDB Certification course are:
  • Basic knowledge on any programming language.
  • Basic apprehending of any database, SQL and query language for databases.
  • Working experience of Linux or Unix based systems.
It is suggested to implement minimum one of the following two courses. As it offers a standard foundation for this course.
  • Big Data Hadoop Developer
  • Big Data Hadoop Administrator


How will you do the projects and get certified?
Problem statements along with Data points are offered in the Learning Management System.
After course completion, participant will submit the project that will be validated by the trainer. After successful evaluation of the project and completion of the online exam, participant will gain certified as MongoDB skilled Professional.
What are the modes of training offered for this course?
We provide this training in the following modes:
Live Virtual Classroom or Online Classroom: With instructor led online classroom training, participant have the option to attend the course from their desktop, laptop through video conferencing. This process reduce productivity challenges and decreases the time spent away from work or home.
Online Self-Learning: In this mode, participants will be provided with lecture videos and they can go through the course based on their level.
What is covered under the 24/7 Support promise?

We provide regular support through email, chat and calls and our dedicated team will offer immediate assistance on-request using our community forum. Participants will have anytime access to our community forum, even they complete their course.