Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Certification

Want to become a professional scrum master who can easily apply Scrum in everyday teamwork? Professional Scrum Master certification training course by 4CLearn is a complete course that consist of the process and principles theory that support the Scrum framework and assures the participants learn about the core of the Agile and Scrum movement.

Course description

What is the focus of this course?

Professional Scrum Master course targeted to assist the participants to comprehensive understand about Scrum and it working. It helps participants to teach a complete apprehending of servant leadership, through which they become a Scrum Master.

What are the course objectives?
  • Offers advantages of Scrum to projects by motivating and leading a Scrum specialists team.
  • Obtain a depth understanding of foundational roles and aspects, attributes of Scrum.
  • Apprehend servant-leadership and become a Scrum Master.
  • Learn to take on challenges and settle conflicts.
  • Implement Scrum methodology to the real projects and gain experiential proficiency.
  • improve the efficiency of Scrum.
Who should take this course?

Choosing the Professional Scrum Master course and attaining the certification will be useful for:

  • Members of Scrum teams like; product owners and developers.
  • Managers of Scrum teams.
  • Teams transitioning to Scrum.
  • Professionals desired to achieve the Professional Scrum Master certification.
What are the career benefits of this course?

Based on the recent surveys by, the salary for a Professional Scrum Master will reach up to $120,000 a year. The necessity for Professional Scrum Master consistently grow and 500 companies are hiring continues PSM professionals.

What skills will you learn?

By the end of 4CLearn’s Professional Scrum Master training course, participants will capable to

  • Apprehend the Scrum theory, roles, responsibilities, and the events.
  • Apprehend the importance of each of the events and how they minimize project risk.
  • Apprehend the rules in Scrum.
  • Sit for the PSM I Certification.


What payment options are available?

Participants can pay through these following options. They will receive a receipt through after the payment is made.

  • Visa Credit or Debit Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diner’s Club
  • PayPal
How can I update my city, location, and date after getting registered for any classroom training?

Participants can update the city, location and date for any Professional scrum Master classroom training. A rescheduling fee will be charged. For more details, participants can refer Rescheduling Policy.

Do you provide transportation and refreshments with the training?

We do not provide any transport or any refreshments facility with the training.