Project Management Training

PMP® Stands for Project Management Professional. This is a certification given by Project Management Institute (PMI®), USA. It is globally recognized. The clients and employers understand that Project managers with a PMP® credential have better project management knowledge, experience and skills and complete the projects successfully. Beyond any doubt as of today, it is a certification that is in high demand for project managers irrespective of the industry. However, IT industry has adapted it as a standard of performance and some organizations in IT especially have made it mandatory at least for certain bands of management.

Benefits of PMP® certification

  • Knowledge for doing better work
  • Cutting edge over competition
  • Confidence
  • Lets you think out of your comfort zone
  • Can be a better mentor and leader
  • Establishes you as a continuous learne
  • Better earning capacity
  • Better evaluation of skills and talent of others
  • Plugs you to other communities
  • Doors opened for new career challenges

Examination Pattern :

  • Questions: 200
  • From these 200 questions, there will be 25 pre-test questions which will not be considered for the pass/fail
  • The pass/fail score stands at 61% of the remaining 175 questions (which comes to106 correct answers out of 175). But as you don’t know which these 25 pretest questions are, you need to score approximately 131 correct answers.
  • Type: Multiple Choice, 4 answers A, B, C, D
  • Only one answer is correct (Most appropriate answer)
  • Examination Time: 4 Hours
  • Approximate passing score 61%
  • No negative marking
  • Exam Scores are confidential

The questions from each domain are:

 Process group

 Percentage of Questions







 Monitoring and Control




Format of the Examination :

  • PMBOK® 5th edition was launched in 2012
  • PMP® exam is based on 5th edition from July 31st 2013
  • Knowledge is tested in five domains
  • Domains are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Control and Closing
  • No minimum marks in individual domains
  • Exam costs $405 for PMI®® members and $555 for non-members
  • PMI® membership $139